“The coffee table should be ready to use.”

Considering the important place a coffee table holds in today’s living rooms, it’s hard to believe that it started not earlier than in the 1940s. Earlier, tea  and coffee were served on more formal or kitchen tables. But the cocktail craze of the 1930s and ’40s popularized a new, lower table placed near the sofa. Mid-century, fashion writer Eugenia Sheppard called it “the heart, soul, and centre of a home.”

“The  coffee/cocktail table is something shared with others. It should be clean and not  loaded with books or objects other than a small decoration. Flowers or one special coffee table book can be used. The coffee table should be ready to be used for drinks and snacks.

When the living room needs a face-lift, the coffee/cocktail table is a great place to start, “Sometimes just changing the coffee table and end tables and a rug is all you need, to give your room a new and trendy look.”

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